Livia's journey so far...



Livia is a creative trouble-shooter, a maverick, a renaissance woman who can respond to any brief with a dynamic and well though out approach, be that in interiors or brand-identity or anything visual in between.

Her creative designs capture the imagination, and her hard work and determination are always redeemed by success. Her burning curiosity and passion to transform any environment with her creative sensibilities makes her a true revolutionary. Her portfolio speaks volumes and demonstrates a passion to exceed client’s expectations with her memorable designs.

Her specialised knowledge in creative design and architecture lends itself well to the direction her career has taken, giving her a rare understanding of dimensions that can be applied to all manner of projects. From art installations to photographic styling, Livia can apply her knowledge and skills to any project, large or small.

With her multidisciplinary skills she treats each job as new, without bringing old ideas to fresh new projects. Her commitment to understanding her client’s needs is phenomenal, and the result is something that brings pleasure and understanding. Livia can create, transform and invigorate any project with her keen eye for detail and novel approaach.

Livia studied Architecture, Interior Design and Creative Direction; she speaks several languages and has travelled Europe extensively, breathing in the cultural influences around her and using them to form new concepts. She’s currently based in London, but her outreach has no geographical limits. If you are in need for something truly unique and memorable wether in 2D or 3D, then get in touch and let her inspire you.





2011 – 2013

M.A. Creative Direction | With Distinction

HFG Pforzheim (Germany) 

2006 – 2008

B.A. Interior Design | With Honours, Class I

LCAD Leeds (UK) 

2003 – 2006

B.A. Architecture

ENSAPVS Paris (France)



2013 - 2014

Freelance designer/creative direction (London)

Display designer (Anthropologie)

Design Scout (


Exhibition design at Atelier Brückner 

Stuttgart (Germany)


Interior design and small scale project management at Unicum s.a.

Bettembourg (Luxembourg)


3D Designer at Logistikgroup

Leeds (UK)


Interior Designer at 2C-Evolution

Itzig (Luxembourg)


Student Designer at the Sorrell Foundation Young Design Programme

London (UK)


Intern at Gambucci Architects

Bettembourg (Luxembourg)



10 more things you should know about Livia...

  1. she feverlishly collects drawings and paintings and has a feeble for frames
  2. she gets goosebumps by the sound of the clarinet (or the violin for that matter...)
  3. she is the proud owner of original maroccan ceramics
  4. she has an unhealthy obsession with Kusmi tea
  5. she loves pets but can’t keep any as her tiny flat would just make them miserable
  6. she has an irrational aversion of ripe bananas
  7. she hasn’t owned a TV in 11 years
  8. she doens’t dislike mixing up 3 languages in one and the same sentence. Sometimes it is unavoidable...
  9. she believes that there is no convention that cannot be questioned or redefined
  10. she hates it when people think her name is a shortcut for Olivia. It’s NOT.


10 more things about her approach to work:

  1. she believes that communication is accountable for the success of any project
  2. efficiency doesn’t mean much to her if it is not somehow coupled to effectiveness
  3. this leads her to thinking that leveraging her strengths will be way more productive than fixing some of her weaknesses. All she longs for is to increase her potentials
  4. she is striving to chase excitement, the driving force behind all motivation
  5. she is aiming to achieve excellence in all her creative outputs
  6. she prefers to work autonomously and self-controlled
  7. she believes that only trust and a strong commitment to one common approach make a team a team
  8. her language skills come in handy when networking and travelling the world
  9. she is a photoshop addict and not a 3D renderer
  10. she largely prefers doers from talkers and counts herself into the former category